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The Ignite Humanity Foundation Fund is created at the initiative of Lady JB Owen, a female leader and entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of several companies, including Ignite Publishing.

The Ignite Humanity Foundation Fund aims to raise donations to support the education of children in need by facilitating the construction of schools worldwide. The donations collected are currently specifically earmarked for a project implemented with  Classroom of Hope, an Australian registered non-profit organization, and its local partner, Happy Hearts Indonesia to support the building of new sustainable classrooms at the Sigar Penjalin 1 Primary School, North Lombok, Indonesia.

The Sigar Penjalin 1 Primary School was established in 1948 by the local government to educate the children of the Sigar Penjalin Village, in the Tanjung District of North Lombok. Unfortunately, all the school buildings were destroyed in the 2018 Lombok earthquakes and can no longer be used.

In 2019, 10 classrooms, a teacher’s room and 12 toilets were rebuilt thanks to building assistance offered by the government and a donor. However, this is still insufficient to accommodate all the schools’ study groups, especially considering that the student enrolment is growing annually. The third grade is currently learning in a semi-permanent classroom ; the second grade, which is supposed to be divided into three study groups, is learning in 2 classes ; and 6 of the 12 toilets are unusable. This environment is not conducive to safe and comfortable learning activities.


Improving learning conditions for the 16 teachers and 310 students at Sigar Penjalin 1 Primary School by providing 2 additional classrooms and 2 additional toilets.


Construction of 2 additional classrooms and 2 additional toilets at Sigar Penjalin 1 Primary School.

  • The 2 additional classrooms will be built using recycled plastic blocks which are earthquake-resistant and certified to last up to 100 years ;
  • The 2 classrooms will be fully furnished with desks, chairs, fans and whiteboards. They will be connected by a common wall and will feature an open terrace area along the front, and will feature aluminum doors and window frames, galvanised metal roofing, and floors finished in white ceramic tiles ;
  • A local building contractor will be hired to coordinate the construction, purchasing local materials, and reusing or recycling materials wherever possible.

KBF CANADA is working with Classroom of Hope (COH) on this project, an Australian registered non-profit organization. Established in 2012, COH exists to help children unleash their greatness through life-changing education. COH provides access to quality education to children in the developing world by building schools and providing scholarships. COH partners with local NGOs to implement education projects.

Since 2012, COH has built 40 schools, including 23 pop-up schools in Lombok after the earthquakes that struck the island in 2018, and 17 permanent structures in other countries in South East Asia. Through its various programs, COH has served more than 19,000 children.


KBF CANADA’s role is to carry out charitable activities across the globe in accordance with its charitable purposes. We control and monitor the use of funds and the progress of charitable activities to ensure that donations made to KBF CANADA have the greatest impact in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. As a member of the Myriad Alliance with offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, KBF CANADA has a vast international network and extensive practical expertise.

How to support this project?

By credit card: At the top right of this page, indicate the amount you wish to donate, and make the donation online by credit card. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes by e-mail just a few minutes after making the donation. It is simple and fast!

By cheque: Mail the cheque to KBF CANADA, and mention ‘Project C602 – Ignite Humanity Foundation Fund to promote education’ in the ‘For’ section and send it to: KBF CANADA, 1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1670, Montreal, QC, H3B 2B6, Canada.

By Direct Deposit: Send an email to Mélina Zitiello [email protected] or call +1-438-300-8122.

All donations are eligible for a tax receipt in Canada.

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