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Why this Fund ?

  • KBF CANADA and the King Baudouin Foundation launched the “Al Amal” (Hope) Fund to recognize and honor the humanitarian heroism of the pediatrician Dr. Amani Ballour who managed an underground hospital in Eastern Ghouta, Syria for several years.
  • To bring awareness to the unfathomable violence she witnessed, Dr Amani invited a film team headed by Oscar nominee Feras Fayyad (Last Man in Aleppo) and executive produced by National Geographic to document the despair blanketing the city in a newly released film entitled The Cave. She wanted to show the world that there are many people fighting to save lives of others; despite putting their own lives in danger on a daily basis. Dr Amani intended to re-shift the world’s focus back to Syria and enable a global audience to witness the unwavering bravery and commitment of her medical staff.
  • In addition to tending to the injured, Dr. Amani was a beacon of hope to those around her. She empowered her female medical staff and defied gender biases by challenging men who thought that a young woman should not be tasked with coordinating, delegating and spearheading medical operations.
  • However, in 2018 Dr. Amani was forced to flee for her life and has since urged the international community to act: “Eastern Ghouta, which has been besieged for over five years, and has witnessed the worst types of siege, bombardment and starvation, is living today in catastrophic conditions in every way, shape and form. The medical situation is always extremely terrible. In the one hospital I work in we admit almost 100 wounded every day. Unfortunately, most of the wounded are women and children. We have been talking about the situation for over five years, we have been sending our messages to the United Nations, to the international community, and to humanitarian organizations.”


Goals of the Fund

This fund will support female leaders in conflict zones; leaders that often defy deeply entrenched gender biases.

More specifically the Fund will :

  • Provide female medical workers risking their lives with aid that helps to ensure their health while assisting conflict affected populations;
  • Educate and equip future generations of female leaders in conflict zones to break down gender barriers;
  • Educate young talented children so that they can be the leaders of tomorrow.


This is a highly complex, dangerous, and multifaceted initiative. It requires both medical and humanitarian expertise in conflict zones as well as partners that can promote Dr. Amani’s cause.

Partners : Danish Documentary and Think-Film Impact Production, National Geographics.


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