Access to water in Burkina Faso

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Access to water in Burkina Faso

The aim of this project is to provide clean water in Burkina Faso.

This includes digging wells, water treatment facilities as well as education for women and children.

KBF CANADA will work with the Georgie Badiel Foundation in order to execute the project : in less than 1 year, the Foundation restored 13 wells, built 2 new wells and 10 new sanitation systems. In total, access to clean drinking water has been provided to over 75,000 people in Burkina Faso. A well is restored with less than 750 CAD and gives access to clean water for hundreds of people for several years.

Thanks to donations made to the Canadian Friends of Georgie Badiel Fund at KBF CANADA, a solar energy well has been built in Sane in March 2020, not far from Ouagadougou. The well supplies quality drinking water to a small maternity hospital, thereby reducing the risk of waterborne diseases. See pictures below.


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