The Social Protection Floors Fund

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The Social Protection Floors Fund

Social protection is something that the majority of us enjoy but which however is far from being guaranteed for a great number of people on our planet. Four billion people do not have that privilege.

A few figures:

  • Only 35% of children around the world enjoy social protection
  • Only 41% of mothers have maternity leave when their child is born
  • Only 22% of the unemployed have unemployment benefit
  • Only 28% of people with employment disability receive benefit
  • Only 68% of people reaching retirement age receive a pension

To live, care for oneself and age with dignity is not possible without a minimum of social protection.


Carry out quality research and actvities :

  • which will illustrate the importance for a country to put together a system of social protection for the population with a view to allowing them to live in dignity;
  • which will propose practical tools to facilitate putting welfare systems into place in countries where they are lacking at present.

The grants will support the work of the International Labour Organization (ILO) which is an agency of the United Nations.  For example, at present the BIT is working with the Cambodian government to provide social protection from which 1.1 million Cambodian families will benefit.

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