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  • The illiteracy rate in Haiti is around 50%.
  • Only 10% of the schools are state schools. The great majority of education is in private institutions.
  • Widespread poverty in Haiti is a major obstacle to schooling. In 83% of cases, cost is the main reason given for not educating children. Moreover, those children who do have the opportunity to go to school often do so under difficult conditions: the absence of meals, a long walk to school, a lack of school materials, long hours of homework with only the light of a kerosene lamp, to mention but a few.
  • Girls in particular also have to face additional difficulties relating to household duties, such as fetching water.
  • The school drop-out rate is also high (12%) during the first six years of primary education, reaching a peak of 26% in sixth year [UNICEF, 2018]. This rate is higher among girls than boys.


Contribute to changing this situation by providing the means and support for around a hundred schoolchildren in the West Haiti region.


  • Payment of schooling for 120 pupils
  • Distribution of exercise books, pens, pencils, books, solar lamps and school uniform
  • Tutoring for those children who need it
  • Provision of a hot meal each day for the children to ensure their full attention during lessons
  • Implementation of activities that promote good health among the children: hand washing, body hygiene, menstrual hygiene, getting rid of parasites, physical and mental well-being

Performance indicators

  • Lower school drop-out rates among the beneficiaries
  • Higher success rates among the beneficiaries
  • Number and percentage of pupils who consistently put into practice the tips they receive for good health


KBF CANADA is working with REMODEL to implement this project.

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