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  • In poor countries, when a family has the possibility of sending a child to school it chooses the boy. Girls represent fewer than half of all children schooled in the world.
  • In Cambodia, despite certain progress in education, state schools still lack financial resources and the quality of teaching needs to be improved.
  • According to UNICEF, even though 84% of children have access to education, half-day schooling does not prevent children from working in factories or at home. Rates of absenteeism and school drop-out remain high. Girls often do not finish primary school, whilst the number of girls in secondary education is low, particularly in the lycées.
  • It was against this background that the pilot school Happy Chandara opened its doors in 2006, 13kms from Phnom Penh, where over a thousand of the most vulnerable young and very young girls are educated for free and social and medical support is provided for their families.
  • In full-time school, in addition to the Khmer programme, the pupils study English from the first year, followed by French and computer classes. An important part of the curriculum is devoted to being open to the world and to personal self-fulfilment.


  • To develop high-grade schooling for young and very young underprivileged girls in Cambodia.
  • To educate the mothers of tomorrow so that they too can pass on the best to their own children.


Girls and sciences

Since science-related jobs represent important opportunities for Cambodia and thus for its pupils, Happy Chandara has implemented the ‘Girls and sciences’ programme. In partnership with the Oréal Foundation, the programme seeks to stimulate pupils’ interest in science, right from primary school. Encouraging the girls to ask questions about the world around them, favour scientific approaches and to share results are the project’s key aims.

MEP (Maths and English programme)

The objective of the MEP programme is to build pupils’ capacities, at every level, in maths and English.

The accent is on support classes in preparation for the national exams held for pupils from levels 9 and 12.

Teaching is done by teachers and as co-teaching by students of Bac level and 2 volunteers.

Language courses abroad

Language and cultural programmes in Singapore are held to help pupils improve their foreign language skills.

In addition to daily language lessons, the programme includes lessons on being open to the world, as well as tourism and cultural discoveries.

Summer camp

The summer camp enables the pupils of Happy Chandara to keep in touch with school during the summer and to have fun by participating in arts, sports, cultural and community activities.

The summer camp lasts two to three weeks during August.

Performance indicators

  • 100% success in the Baccalaureate
  • 10 ‘Very good’ mentions in the Baccalaureate
  • Higher education grants for study abroad

KBF CANADA works with Toutes à l’école (Every girl at school) for the implementation of this project. The Toutes à l’école (Every girl at school) association was set up by the French journalist Tina Kieffer. Happy Chandara is 12 kilometres from Phnom Penh and currently has over 1,400 pupils and students (in the primary school, secondary school, lycée, professional training centre and in post-Baccalaureate). In 2018 and 2019, 100% of the Happy Chandara who passed their Baccalaureate were accepted for further education (vs. a national average of 68% for Cambodia). These success results mean that Happy Chandara is the top-ranking lycée in Cambodia.

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