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Learning digital skills: a lever for growth and inclusion

Digital technology, and particularly affordable access to the Internet, is a priority of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) adopted by the United Nations Organisation in 2015 to eradicate poverty and fight inequality in the world.

Digital learning is, without doubt, a lever for growth and inclusion. However, according to a study conducted by the UN, the digital divide between the developed world and that in development is still large and 3.9 billion people are without access to the Internet.

Africa is particularly affected, where only 18% of the population had access to Internet in 2017, compared with 84% in Europe, for instance.

Digital technology can provide a formidable opportunity for development in Africa: it can be a source for creating businesses and employment and it can contribute to raising people’s living standards.

Investing in infrastructure but also in education and training

Experience has shown that projects that focus only on infrastructure are destined for failure. Such projects must ensure their appropriation by local people.

It was in this spirit that a Fund for Digital Training was set up within the KBF CANADA Foundation. The KBF CANADA Foundation was initiated by the King Baudouin Foundation, a leading foundation that has a strong presence in Africa. The  KBF CANADA Foundation is a charitable organisation that is recognised by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Fund for Digital Education in Africa

This Fund was launched as part of the Canadian Consortium for the Digital Economy in Africa (CCENA), with the aim of developing a digital city in Yaoundé (Cameroon), in partnership with the Cameroon government. In Canada, this project is led by Amina Gerba, President and CEO of Afrique Expansion and Entrepreneure, who is well known for having launched two brands of sustainable cosmetics.

The Fund calls for philanthropy and solidarity among all members of the African diaspora and friends of Africa.


The Fund’s main mission is to contribute to creating resources to support educational projects for Africans that help them acquire the tools needed to participate in the development of the digital economy, initially in Cameroon, in Yaoundé.

There are two aspects to the mission:

  • training for entrepreneurs who wish to participate in setting up businesses in the digital field, a source of job creation;
  • training in digital education for a wider public.

Success indicators

  • Number of training sessions organised;
  • Number of people covered;
  • Establishment of a local and sustainable structure that is likely to continue the project autonomously.

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