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Preserving a Jewel of the Venetian Heritage after the exceptional tide in October

“Inside, inside the high water; inside like in the rest of the city. It is just about containing it, governing it, using it as a luminous and reflecting material: you will see how the light will play on the stuccos … of the ceiling. Such a wonder!”. This was the reply of Carlo Scarpa, one morning of 1961, to the requests by Giuseppe Mazzariol, at the time director of the Foundation, regarding the necessity of isolating the Palace from the high tide.
Scarpa’s project, that includes water as an essential element, was inaugurated two years later.

The Aqua Granda (Great Water) of 1966 had yet to happen: an exceptional tide, lasting more than 20 hours, that reached 194 centimeters, causing huge damages all over Venice, in the islands and in the coastline.  A high tide that flooded also the spaces designed by Carlo Scarpa, passing over the elegant barriers and the sinuous paths, thought by the master with the purpose of regimenting the water. Scarpa had not foreseen it when, “with laughing eyes and a great but also shy happiness of communicating a gift: the solution to the problem, and moreover the beauty, the game, the unexpected enchantment”, he explained the project to Mazzariol.

The 29th of October of this year the fourth highest tide of the last century reached 156 centimeters. The city is nowadays more prepared, but the damage in the historical center has been important nevertheless. Once more the water has invaded also the Scarpa’s area, climbing, centimeter after centimeter, the marble steps of the bank, overstepping the barriers. And once more the flooding of the spaces lasted almost two days.


In the case of exceptional tides, it is not possible to stop the water from entering the Scarpa’s spaces, but it is possible instead to implement actions to prevent the daily comeback of humidity, delimiting or even eliminating, the damage provoked by the tide.

It is a project of preservation and safeguarding that exploit the innovative technologies connected to the magnetic fields. Cost of the intervention 40.000 euros.

The support of everyone can help preserving this extraordinary place. A help even more precious on the occasion of the giving tuesday because it recurs the 28th of November, which is also the 40th anniversary of the death of Carlo Scarpa: an homage and a gesture of gratitude for his genius and his precious work.

The Fondazione Querini Stampalia has been serving the community and providing access to knowledge, arts, architecture and history since 1869 particularly thanks to the Library, the Museum, and cultural events. Fondazione Querini Stampalia, established in 1869, is the only institution in Venice collecting the entire heritage of an ancient and noble Venetian family. Inside this Renaissance palace one can experience the emotion of art and beauty. You can see important works of art by Giovanni Bellini, Antonio Canova, Pietro Longhi and elegant architectural alterations by famous architects like Carlo Scarpa and Mario Botta.

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