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30% of cardiovascular diseases are caused by a heart rhythm disorder.
There are three heart rhythm disorders related to failures in the electrical activity of the heart: atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation and heart failure.

These diseases affect millions of people worldwide, either chronically or acutely, and both immediately and fatally. Regardless of your age, you and your loved ones can be affected.

Every year, heart rhythm disorders cause:

  • 20% of strokes in the world
  • 32,000 sudden cardiac deaths in Canada
  • 150,000 hospitalisations for heart failure in Canada

Given all these broken lives, and the suffering of patients and their loved ones, solutions are urgently needed. You can help us fight these disorders through prevention, treatment and by training healthcare professionals. For example:

  • Funding new research projects to further understanding of cardiac electrical disorders,
  • Purchasing new equipment to provide experts with the best technology tools available and support medical innovation,
  • Supporting education and training programmes to spread knowledge in more centers worldwide and to ensure all patients benefit from therapeutic advances.


KBF CANADA is working with IHU Liryc – the Electrophysiology and Heart Modelling Institute, for the implementation of this project.

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