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Millions of dollars are spent every year producing research and ideas to solve the world’s problems. Many of these are never scaled widely and never reach the people that need them most. That’s why KBF CANADA is very proud to work with Young1ove. They have the skills to identify, adapt and scale up health and education programs proven to work, by young people for young people harnessing the credibility and relatability of peers for maximum traction with the target audience : the youth.


  • Education : Botswana is facing a learning crisis. According to UNESCO, only 56% and 61% of students achieved the minimum standard of proficiency in reading and math in 2011. Improving quality of basic education enables students to survive and thrive. The government of Botswana has identified the need for education programs that catch students who are falling behind.
  • HIV Prevention : Southern Africa contains the highest population of people living with HIV in the world. In Botswana, 45% of 40-year-old men have HIV while the youth prevalence rate is capped at 5%. Moreover, evidence shows for each year a partner is older, the risk of unprotected sex increases by 28%. Older partners are a key driver of unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy and HIV. Teen pregnancy is the top reason for girls dropping out of school, and the majority of girls are unable to return to school and remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. If youth stop having sex with older partners and instead date each other, Botswana could achieve epidemic control over HIV and ensure girls continue their education.

Goals of the project

  • Identify, adapt and scale-up health and education programs proven to work, by young people for young people in Botswana, with interventions that prevent HIV and improve quality education.
  • Ensure that the youth have access to proven life-saving information.


  • Education : Teaching at the Right Level was initially developed by Pratham in India and has since been tested or scaled in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana over the past fifteen years. The program has three core components: (1) level students with a simple 1-page assessment tool (2) group students by proficiency level rather than by grade or age (3) teach basic literacy and numeracy using fun, level-tailored activities. The program is delivered by young volunteers or teachers, during or after the school day for 30-40 days.
  • HIV Prevention:  Aim is to deliver an innovative, evidence-based 90-minute class in government schools by peer educators. The program reveals the unknown risks of older partners and encourages youth to safely date each other instead of dating older partners. Aim to reach 63,000 students with this program in 2 countries by the end of 2020.

KBF CANADA will work with Young 1ove to implement this project: Young1ove is a grassroots, youth-led, evidence-based movement headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. Through a school-based delivery model in partnership with the government, the org. has reached 50,000 students in 360 schools with interventions that prevent HIV and improve quality education. Young 1ove works in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic Education and UNICEF.

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