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The Ocean is essential to life on Earth. It covers 71% of the surface of the planet and produces half of the oxygen we breathe. It absorbs 25% of the CO2 emissions, thus playing a key role in climate regulation. It is a precious source of solutions for human health: thirteen Nobel Prizes in medicine were awarded based on oceanic research. The Ocean is facing immense threats: climate change, overexploitation of its resources (fishing, mining, energy etc.), plastic pollution to name a few.

We can no longer ignore the Ocean’s health; it is urgent to take action. We believe there is still time to save them through technological, social and ecological innovation.


To support innovative applied research projects, worldwide, to:

  • conserve marine biodiversity, protect and restore fragile marine ecosystems;
  • find concrete solutions for the sustainable exploitation of marine resources;
  • discover compounds (molecules, enzymes, virus, bacteria etc.), develop models or processes of medical interest for human health;
  • increase knowledge of the Ocean and contribute to fighting climate change.

Three types of innovation are considered in the ambitious projects we support:

  • Technological: underwater robots, environmental DNA, drones, …
  • Social: citizen science, community involvement, …
  • Ecological: bio-mimicry, nature-based solutions, protected marine areas, ….

Project supported in Canada


In the Nunatsiavut region, a scientist from Dalhousie University will install high-tech measuring instruments acquired thanks to the Pure Ocean grant. Inuit students will be recruited and trained to monitor changes in salinity, PH and other key indicators of climate change. In this area of Canada’s far north, which is very sensitive to climate change, these measurements are very precious.

With Pure Ocean, step up support of oceanic research for health and biodiversity!

KBF CANADA is working with Pure Ocean on this project. In 2020, our second call for projects, launched during the COVID-19 crisis, received over 150 applications from 40 countries including several proposals focused on oceanic research for human health.

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