Theatre for Ukraine: A Ukrainian WWI Story of Courage in support of Ukraine

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From June 20 – July 4, 2022, playwright, actor and musician Norman Nawrocki will share his multi-media production of Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison (in English).  It is free to view, however donations are gratefully appreciated to raise funds for humanitarian aid projects being carried out by the Folkowisko Foundation to help war victims on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The 40-minute multi-media production brings to light the little-known but shamefully true WW1 incarceration and exploitation of 9,000 mostly Ukrainian Canadian immigrants in forced labour camps across Canada. In Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison, Nestor, an unemployed Ukrainian Canadian citizen, is nabbed by the police, imprisoned and forced to do slave labour in a federal concentration camp near Banff Alberta. Despite the brutal, tortuous conditions, he rebels, dreams and conspires to escape. His Baba (grandmother), a folk healer in Ukraine, works her magic to help him.

This was Canada’s first coast-to-coast internment operation; June 20 honours the anniversary of its end and is also World Refugee Day.  The play pays tribute to one of Nawrocki’s relatives who successfully escaped from one of 24 internment camps. Presented by Les Pages Noires Productions and Babushka Theatre.

For more information about Run Nawrocki Run! Escape from Banff Prison, click here.

The Folkowisko Foundation: Working Tirelessly on the Ground

The Folkowisko Foundation has been involved in providing humanitarian aid to those most in need since the beginning of the warfare in Ukraine.

In a space of a month, Folkowisko, a Polish association dealing with culture and organizing festivals grew into one of the biggest humanitarian aid points in Europe “We’ve been doing festivals for years. Usually in a bare field without infrastructure. We know how to deal with chaos and thousands of people. Maybe that’s why we manage to help so quickly and effectively on the Ukrainian side of the border.”

Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, members of the Folkowisko Foundation stood on the front line helping refugees by organizing housing assistance, setting up a humanitarian town on the Ukrainian side of the Budomierz-Hrushev and Krakowiec-Korchev border crossings, and transporting tons of humanitarian aid deep into Ukraine.

During the first month of the war, the Folkowisko Foundation sent nearly 2000 tons of humanitarian aid to those most in need in cities such as Mariupol, Kiev, Kharkiv, Sumy and Kherson. They also equipped several Ukrainian hospitals with modern equipment, sent 50 power generators with a total capacity of 195kW and their 5 ambulances are now being used in Kiev, Biala Cerkiew, Irpien and Yavoriv. It shows the effectiveness of volunteers and NGOs who put helping those in need in the first place. The whole world is getting involved in their efforts, but the needs are still enormous. In order that they continue to provide these vital services to those who need it most, they need people all over the world to show their support.

Watch this multilingual video, interviews with volunteers who have come to help the Folkowisko Foundation

KBF CANADA is working closely with the Folkowisko Foundation to collect funds, provide due diligence and to monitor the project to ensure that donations have the greatest impact.

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