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Covid-19 was underestimated and is now out of control in the country, especially in the most remote indigenous, maroons and riverine communities in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazonas state death rate is the highest in the country, and Brazil is in a fast pace to become a country with a very high death count in the world.

The Amazon hospitals were the first to collapse, and in the interior of the Amazon there are very limited intensive care centers. Most of the indigenous that demand oxygen dies on the removal to urban centers, what requires many hours, or days to reach cities.

Amazonians are mostly unassisted by the public health system.


  • Provide health assistance and food security to vulnerable peoples in the Amazon region;
  • Save traditional peoples’ lives where public health systems are insufficient or inexistent;
  • Leverage funds, goods and services to ensure health assistance and food security reach the most vulnerable.


The project identifies the health assistance gaps and through analysis of scientific evidences establishes priority actions to be supported, including acquisition and deployment of health support equipment, medicine, health professionals, logistical support, goods and services to ensure communities are safe and deaths are limited to a minimal.

We bridge the gap of health assistance supplied to Amazon population and take health care and food security deep into the forest, to the most vulnerable communities.

KBF CANADA is working with the non profits United for Living Amazon and Sitawi. United for Living Amazon has developed a technical group with specialists with extensive background in epidemiologic health, demographics, geography and anthropology, which are the key team assessing needs and establishing priorities for health and food security deployment, what is paramount due to the continental extension of the Amazon territory. United for Living Amazon has built partnerships with local grassroots organizations like Indigenous Federation of Negro River, Hutukara Associação Yanomami, Univaja, Federação dos Povos Indígenas do Médio Purus and is always expanding its partnerships in the region. Partnerships with health technical organizations Expedicionários da Saúde and Projeto Saúde Alegria, and with reference indigenous ally Instituto Socioambiental and with indigenous representatives Brazilian Amazon Indigenous Coordination and Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Articulation are also key to expand the reach and impact of supported actions.

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