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In the shelter sector, the Beirut Port Explosion on 4 August 2020 directly impacted almost 300,000 people and caused damage to 72,000 apartments across 9,200 buildings.

The damage varies from one area to the other according to its proximity to the epicenter, which —apart from the port— hit residential buildings, shops, hospitals, schools, and universities. Areas of intervention are categorized in epicenters in reference to the explosion with least, moderately, badly and severely damaged.

Given the dire socio-economic and financial crisis that Lebanon has been going through and especially since October 2019, compounded with the challenges borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average Beiruti family can simply no longer afford to rehabilitate their homes.


To provide the basic human right for shelter so that individuals, families and communities have the opportunity to have a place to live in that protects their health, nurtures their wellbeing and fosters an environment of security, stability and opportunity for self-development and economic growth.

The objective of this project is to contribute to rehabilitate 2,050 units in the neighborhoods that incurred damage due to the Beirut Explosion. Those units include 80-120 sqm houses of lower-income families, pharmacies, and clinics, and fall under three scopes: minimal, medium, and larger interventions.

Marginalized and vulnerable groups, including women-headed households, vulnerable women and girls, the elderly, as well as people with disabilities, are given priority. Pharmacies, and clinics will also be given priority to speed up their “going back to business” process.


KBF CANADA is working with NUSANED  on this project, a local non profit organization. NUSANED gained experience in the field of rehabilitation. They have developed the processes, digitized the needs assessment to streamline the process from assessment to implementation to reporting.  They have also developed the Nusaned app to communicate the impact transparently with the donors, partners and other parties.

The Roofs That Shield Beirut sub-program is focusing entirely on Beirut, where they have already mobilized a team of experts, volunteers, and partner organizations to expedite the assessment and intervention through the Shelter Hotline which has been launched on 10 August. Over 350 requests have been received during this early post-crisis period, and they are currently committed to rehabilitating them all as part of the total of 2,050 units. They are currently awaiting to mobilize in parallel under a more structured model of rehabilitation within areas allocated in coordination with the UN Inter-agency shelter network.

Nusaned does not engage in any political activity, and remains at equal distance from all religions. They support communities based on a non-biased, egalitarian process to address the vulnerabilities of local communities. 

The KBF CANADA Foundation  and NUSANED are working together to help the Lebanese community in its time of need.  See the impact

Activities and Impact to be reached

  • A value-based needs assessment has been developed to prioritize interventions.
  • Contractor teams have been mobilized: they can rehabilitate between 250 and 350 units per month depending on level of intervention. Our objective is to finish rehabilitation of these 2,050 units asap within a period of 6 to 8 months (mid-August 2020 till end April 2021).
  • The Target for Phase 1 is to rehabilitate 2,050 units:
    • 750 units with “minimal damage” (minor repairs and replacement of shattered glass only).
    • 750 units with “moderate” damage (moderate repairs, partial replacement of interior doors, replacement of exterior doors & windows, rehabilitation of electro-mechanical networks).
    • 550 units with “larger” damage (substantial repairs, replacement of exterior and interior doors & windows, replacement of electro-mechanical networks, as well as renovating 1 bathroom and kitchen).

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