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KBF CANADA is working with the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC Atlantic) for the following priority areas:

Priority Areas for Investment:

  • Priority 1 – Scholarships to deserving students to access UWC Atlantic’s education, irrespective of ability to pay. Scholarships enable to select and support a distinct and deliberately diverse student population drawn together from around the world based on their demonstrated promise and potential. 
  • Priority 2 – Educate – to help meet the current students’ educational needs and exciting plans to develop a new Changemaker curriculum, to re-imagine the International Baccalaureate to make it more relevant and resonant to today’s society. In doing so, it will set a new, agile educational agenda that has real influence in today’s and tomorrow’s complex and changing world.
  • Priority 3 – Capitalto help UWC protect its beautiful campus, and to develop the leverage of those assets to ensure we have 21st Century living and learning spaces that can more effectively, efficiently and sustainably showcase the UWC Atlantic experience.

UWC Atlantic is the founding college of a global education movement. Based in Wales (UK), they have students attending the college from over 93 nationalities across the world. They are a mission-driven international college with a strong commitment to the educational principles of Kurt Hahn, the founder, and have a passionate belief in the importance of education as a force for good in the world. UWC Atlantic is designed to promote international understanding through education, to break down national barriers in education, particularly in the field of university admission, and to make education a force to unite nations. The UWC movement as a whole is what makes their educational model unique and truly inspiring.

KBF CANADA’s role is to carry out charitable activities across the globe in accordance with its charitable purposes. We control and monitor the use of funds and the progress of charitable activities to ensure that donations made to KBF CANADA have the greatest impact in accordance with donors’ expressed wishes. As a member of the Myriad Alliance with offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, KBF CANADA has a vast international network and extensive practical expertise.

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