Education of HIV-positive mothers

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The project is being developed in Kilifi county on the East Coast of Kenya.

Kilifi is one of the poorest counties of Kenya, with an above average high incidence of HIV/AIDS (7,9% vs 4,8% average in Kenya). Leading county in teenage pregnancies, dramatic high unemployment (27% – much higher for youth and women), the third ranking county for stunting and malnutrition, and above average high percentage of illiteracy (35%).

Also because of these factors the stigma and discrimination of PLWHA’s (People Living with HIV/AIDS) is very high.

70% of the population is living below the poverty line, in extreme or abject poverty, forcing many women and girls to (often unprotected) sex for favours (read: food) causing unwanted (teenage) pregnancies.

If diagnosed as seropositive, it feels like a death sentence. Not only the women but also their children are rejected and abandoned by their community and society, and often have to leave house and hearth.

Project goals

  • To provide education and counselling on hygiene, health (HIV and other diseases), social issues and entrepreneurship.
  • To empower HIV-positive mothers (and sometimes fathers) without a regular income, so that they are able to make good choices in life in order to live positively and generate enough income for basic needs for their families.
  • To empower these HIV-positive parents, build their self-esteem and leadership.
  • To provide at least primary education to their children.


Establish Self Help Groups (15-20 HIV-positive parents – mostly mothers) and run a 4-year program for these groups: Initial education program for all members – 2-3 days a week – on health, social issues and finance/business, for a period of around 3 months, after which the participants receive a certificate. During these teaching days a nutritious meal for the family is provided.

After finishing this education period the Self Help Groups start their weekly meetings. In these meetings there are more group teachings and counselling. The members are motivated to save money (using the MGR (Merry-go-round) saving system) and can apply for microloans for setting up their own enterprise. The members are supported with family planning and a regular disinfection of their houses (insects, bacteria) to reduce their health risks. During the 4-year program school fees and uniforms, shoes and some books for their children in primary school are paid.

Success indicators

  • Number of HIV-positive parents who completed the initial 3-month educational program
  • Number of children who went to primary school
  • Number of members who completed the full 4-year program

KBF CANADA works with the Foundation Maendeleo and Kenya Care in order to implement this project.

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