KBF CANADA: a large international philanthropic network that brings together donors, philanthropists, and organizations that are ready to change the world!

Projects underway

KBF CANADA manages charitable projects on all continents in a variety of fields. Find out more about them now!

COVID-19 Response Fund for the WHO

KBF CANADA is a partner of the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund for the World Health Organization.

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India COVID-19 Relief Fund

A surge of COVID-19 cases has created a humanitarian crisis in India. You can help by supporting this emergency fund.

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Mental Health Therapy for Frontline Journalists in Conflict Zones

This project provides short-term psychotherapy for journalists who work or live and work in zones of conflict and empower them to manage their future mental health needs.

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About us

KBF CANADA understands that philanthropy is about personal stories. And sometimes, these stories take us beyond our borders. That’s why we manage charitable projects worldwide. We work with individuals, families, corporations, and foundations, and help them support their favourite causes anywhere in the world. We craft personalized solutions for one-time gifts or recurring donations through donor-advised funds.

Flexible and impact-oriented. Effective and reliable. This is KBF CANADA.

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As a philanthropist, you are looking for a charitable project that closely matches your own passion, ambition, expertise, and life story.

Every philanthropist is different, which is why our Centre for Philanthropy will work out a tailor-made approach for you.