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Changemakers and social innovation are key in order to face major social problems in education, fight against poverty, protection of the environment…

The Wellbeing Project is a project co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, the Fetzer Institute, Impact Hub, the Skoll Foundation and Synergos, focused on both cultivating a shift in the field of social change towards one that is healthier and more supportive of inner wellbeing, and on catalyzing the development of a new infrastructure to better support everyone working in the field.

In this context, KBF CANADA is working with researchers and the Wellbeing project in order to:

  • Conduct a research and develop a Knowledge Center on the connection between inner development/well being and social change, in particular to examine how inner wellbeing may contribute to the actions we take in support of social good. The research is based on cases, interviews with many changemakers all over the world. Credible research is critical to taking an orientation towards inner development into the social change mainstream.
  • Disseminate the findings of the research. The findings will be open source.

Click here to read an article about this research (november 15, 2018).

Report : Consult here the first scientific report published within the framework of this project (march 23, 2020).

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